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Current Initiatives

Emerging Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD) demographics, phenotype and treatment in South Asia, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. 

Data collection started in 2018.

Results presented in Nov 2018  (IBD-ENC workshop)

Future projects discussed

Website development /paper publication planned.

Manuscript submitted - under review (July 2020)

The Story of An Emerging Disease

UC vs CD

  • Epidemiologically incidence of CD increases as IBD evolves in a region

  • Typically incidence of UC precedes onset of CD by a few decades

There is diagnostic delay

Ulcerative Colitis


Left sided colitis is common

Crohn's Disease


Most A2: 17 - 40 Years Age Group


L3: Ileocolonic most common


B1: Mostly Inflammatory

Medication Usage

Med use.png

Biologic usage is limited


Emperical Anti Tubercular Therapy (ATT) is often required

IBD's are chronic lifelong diseases

IBDENC can perhaps provide many answers:

  • Identifying environmental risk factors by comparing natives and migrants,  rural and urban populations of same genetic profile & different ethnicity groups in diverse socioeconomic conditions.


  • Increasing awareness of  IBD across the region.

  • Developing the best practice strategies for the region.

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