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IBD Emerging Nations Consortium

To identify, diagnose and find solutions for IBD

There is a rising incidence of IBD in the Asia Pacific region over the last decade. IBDs are chronic lifelong diseases with lifelong medications and high morbidity with disability. It is affecting the young active age group. Consequently the socioeconomic implications are huge.
As IBD emerges in the developing nations, there is a need to reconcile the most appropriate strategy for these patient populations for the perspectives of cost, treatment & rehabilitation. 

Engage, Educate, Empower: IBD Care providers as well as IBD Patients. 

1. Engage the IBD careproviders in working on problems related to IBD diagnosis in South Asia and working on low cost therapies
2. Educate the Clinicians on basic and advanced management of IBD 
3. Empower the IBD careproviders in decreasing the morbidity and mortality of the disease
4. Engage the patient in our responsibilities as care providers
5. Educate the patient in his responsibilities in decimating disease morbidity
6. Empower the patient to take control of his disease 

Overall share and learn from each other to develop the best practice strategy for IBD in the emerging world. 

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