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ECCO’21 abstract submission site open

Asia Pacific guidelines for management of IBD during Covid 19 pandemic published

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IBD-ENC Group updated position statement on SARS-CoV2 Vaccination in patients with IBD - 30/04/2021

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IBDENC - Meeting | 3rd October 2020

Results from an international IBD registry correlates poor Covid-19 outcomes and steroids

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IBD Master Class on the topic of COVID-19 & IBD: All need to know | 11th June 2021.

IBD Master Class on Diagnostic challenges in IBD | 9th April 2021 

IBD-ENC Group position statement on SARS-CoV2 vaccination in patients with IBD

IBD - Emerging Nation’s Consortium website launch

July 2020 : Vedolizumab launched in India

IBD Master Class on IBD in Therapeutics: Beyond the conventional | 13th August 2021.

IBD Master Class on Debates & Dilemmas in IBD | 22nd Oct 2021.