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About IBD-ENC 

Much Awaited Website Launch: August 8th, 2020

Virtual Launch of IBD Collaborative Web Platform

Saturday 8 August, 18:00 India

Rediscover IBD Care

A Global e-meeting for all



IBD is on the rise in Emerging Economies.  We have similar cultures.  Our diet is spicy.  Our socioeconomic backgrounds are similar.  We face similar challenges.  

There are unresolved issues with IBD here:

  • Epidemiologic factors: Why this increase in incidence?

    • The hygiene hypothesis

    • Role of microbiota

  • Is the disease behavior different?

  • Is there a rural /urban or north/south divide?   

  • Diagnostic issues in an area where infectious diseases rule?   

  • Optimizing treatment:  Step up vs Top-down?

An interaction between genetics, immunology, environment, and microbiome.

We differ from the west:

  • Genetic background

  • Environment

  • Microbiome

Most of the IBD-ENC member countries do not have a nationwide IBD registry.

Population based studies are difficult; Incidence studies may be impossible.

There are very few dedicated IBD specialists. 

Most in gastroenterology have time & manpower constraints.

Funding of research projects in the emerging economies a major barrier.

Our Goals & Aspirations

IBD-ENC will provide many answers


  • The demographics of IBD in the emerging world and differences from the west. 

  • Identifying environmental risk factors by comparing natives & migrants,  rural and urban populations of same genetic profile & different ethnicity groups in diverse socioeconomic conditions.

  • Increasing awareness of  IBD across the region.

  • Developing the guidelines for diagnosis & management of IBD here.

  • Research into lifestyle modification for prevention of IBD. 

Engage , Educate , Empower

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