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Nutritional screening and assessment in inflammatory bowel disease

Nutritional screening and assessment in inflammatory bowel disease Arshdeep Singh, Catherine Wall, Arie Levine, Vandana Midha, Ramit Mahajan, Ajit Sood Published in Jan 2022, Indian journal of gastroenterology.


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is associated with increased risk of malnutrition and sarcopenia. Both malnutrition and sarcopenia negatively impact the clinical course, quality of life, response to therapy, and surgical outcomes in patients with IBD. This review article highlights the importance of nutritional assessment in patients with IBD and also discusses the different nutritional screening and assessment tools, and measures to detect sarcopenia in relation to IBD. Identification of malnutrition and sarcopenia will allow prioritization of the corrective actions, such as nutritional rehabilitation, to improve clinical outcomes. An approach to the evaluation of nutritional status in patients with IBD is also suggested.

Keywords: Anthropometry; Body composition; Body mass index; Inflammatory bowel disease; Malnutrition; Muscle strength; Nutrition assessment; Nutritional status; Sarcopenia; Treatment outcome.


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