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Nutrition in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Sasson AN, Ingram RJM, Raman M, Ananthakrishnan AN

Published Mar 2021, in the Gastroenterology clinics of North America


With the increasing global prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases, research in this field is expanding to better understand the multifactorial etiologies of this complex disease. Nutrition and diet, as modifiable risk factors, have been shown to play an important role in disease activity and prognosis. This article reviews the role of nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease, including appropriate nutrition screening in this at-risk population, and associated micronutrient deficiencies. We provide recommendations on dosing supplementation. We briefly review diet as a risk factor for inflammatory bowel disease and the currently proposed published dietary intervention studies.

Keywords: Crohn’s disease; Diet; Micronutrient deficiency; Nutrition; Screening; Ulcerative colitis.


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