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Deep neural network accurately predicts prognosis of ulcerative colitis using endoscopic images

Journal Scan Deep neural network
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Guarantor of the article: Kento Takenaka

Author contributions: KT, KO, and MW conceived and designed the study; KT, KO, and TF acquired the data; SO constructed the AI algorithm; KT analyzed and interpreted the data; KT drafted the manuscript; KO and RO critically revised the manuscript; and RO and MW supervised the study.

Financial support : This study was supported by the Cooperation Program between TMDU and Sony IP&S Inc., which helped us establish the AI algorithm.

Potential competing interests: SO is an employee of Sony IP&S Inc. However, she did not participate in data collection or analysis. KT has received research funding from Sony IP&S Inc.


We thank Shinji Watanabe and Shigeatsu Yoshioka from Sony IP&S Inc. for helping in the establishment of the DNUC algorithm

Writing Assistance: No one assisted in drafting the manuscript.


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