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 Papers from the IBDENC Region

Key articles from high impact journals in last month

February 2023

Endoscopic Postoperative Recurrence in Crohn's Disease After Curative Ileocecal Resection with Early Prophylaxis by Anti-TNF, Vedolizumab or Ustekinumab: A Real-World Multicentre European Study

Personalized Dosing of Infliximab in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Using a Bayesian Approach: A Next Step in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Devendra C DesaiAlpa J DheraiAnne StrikDiane R Mould

Published in Dec 2022, Journal of clinical pharmacology.

Efficacy and safety of biosimilar versus originator infliximab in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: A real-world cohort analysis

Diagnostic yield and technical performance of novel motorized spiral enteroscopy compared to single-balloon enteroscopy in suspected Crohn's disease: a prospective study (with videos)


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