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SARS-CoV-2 vaccination for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: recommendations from an international consensus meeting

Conflict of interest statement

Competing interests: CS: Consultant/Advisory Board for Abbvie, Amgen, BMS, Lilly, Janssen, Pfizer, Prometheus, Takeda ; Speaker for CME activities for Abbvie, Celgene, Janssen, Pfizer, Takeda; Grant support from Abbvie, Janssen, Pfizer, Takeda. GYM: Consultant for Abbvie, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Celgene, Genentech/Roche, Entasis, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Merck, Medtronic, Nephroceuticals, Pfizer, Samsung Bioepis, Takeda, Techlab. DPBM: Consultant and Shareholder for Prometheus Biosciences; Consultant for Gilead Sciences, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Pfizer, Bridge Biotherapeutics, Qu Biologics, Prometheus Biosciences, Takeda, Palatin Technologies; Grant support from Janssen. VR: nothing to disclose. FK: Consultant fees: Curevac, Pfizer, Merck, Seqirus, Avimex; Grant support: GSK, Pfizer, Dynavax, NIAID, DoD, BMGF, NCI. DTR: Consultant for Abbvie, Abgenomics, Biomica, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene Corp/Syneos, Dizal Pharmaceuticals, GalenPharma/Atlantica, Genentech/Roche, Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline Services, InDex Pharmaceuticals, Iterative Scopes, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Lilly, Pfizer, Prometheus Laboratories, Reistone, Takeda, and Techlab. MTA: Consultant fees: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Gilead, Janssen, Abbvie, Eli Lilly and Landos Biopharma; Lecturer for Imedex, Focus Medical Communications and Cornerstones Health; Funded investigator-initiated projects: Pfizer, Prometheus Laboratories and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. MCD: Consultant fees: Abbvie, Arena, BMS, Celgene, Genentech, Janssen, Pfizer, Prometheus biosciences, Takeda, Target RWE; Grant support: Abbvie, Janssen, Pfizer


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