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Proposed Initiatives

A study to determine the role of infection or in IBD in our region with a poor sanitation and malnutrition

Murdani Abdullah

1. NUDT 15 genotyping in Emerging nations
2. Genetic mutations in IBD (CD) in emerging countries

Mathew Philip

Frequency of COVID-19, its outcome and their predictors among patients with IBD in emerging economy countries

Uday Ghoshal

Prevalence and risk factors of intestinal infections among patients with active UC: A multicenter case-control study

Masudur Rahman

Small bowel Crohn’s Disease Diagnostic dilemmas

V Jayanthi

Vitamin D deficiency in adult patients with UC: Prevalence & relationship with disease severity, extent and duration

Usha Dutta

Gut Microbiota Status In Patients With Ulcerative Colitis In Myanmar

Than Than Aye

Mental health in IBD

Partha Pal & Rupa Banerjee

Nutritional screening in patients with IBD

Ajit Sood

IBD among Two Different Groups of Expatriates (Egyptians and Indians) Living in Gulf Countries: A Population-Based Prospective Study

Mahmoud Omar

Conduct a IBD genome wise association study collecting at least 5000 south Asian IBD cases as part of IBD-ENC

Madunil A Niriella

1. Vitamin D level and UC using SCCAI score by internal medicine 
2. Serum NAGL level and severity of UC (Mayo score) by internal medicine

Nwe Ni

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