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Electronic chromo-endoscopy: technical details and a clinical perspective

Pal P, Singh AP, Kanuri ND, Banerjee R

Published in Jan 2022, Translational gastroenterology and Hepatology.


Precise endoscopic assessment is necessary to detect neoplastic changes in an early stage. Electronic or virtual chromo-endoscopy (ECE) is an alternative to conventional dye-based chromo-endoscopy which markedly improves capillary pattern and hence can detect micro-vessel morphological changes of early neoplasia to target biopsies and aid in diagnosis. The clinical significance increased after the advent of endoscopic treatment modalities like ESD/EMR which requires precise delineation of extent and depth of lesion. Most of the studies have used narrow-band imaging (NBI) (Olympus Medical Systems Tokyo, Japan), although data from i-SCAN (PENTAX Endoscopy, Tokyo, Japan) and flexible spectral imaging color enhancement (FICE) (Fujinon, Fujifilm Medical Co, Saitama, Japan) are emerging. Electronic chromo-endoscopy is convenient compared to dye-based chromo-endoscopy in the sense that it is available at the push of a button in endoscope and reduces procedure time substantially with comparable efficacy. Scope of this review is to discuss available electronic chromo-endoscopy modalities and their role in the diagnosis, surveillance, and management of early GI neoplasia.


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