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October 2021

Does early diagnosis and management improve liver-related outcomes in children with inflammatory bowel disease and sclerosing cholangitis?

Bolia R.

Published Sep 2021, in the Journal of Pediatrics

Oral Fluconazole Therapy in Patients With Active Ulcerative Colitis Who Have Detectable Candida in the Stool: A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial

Jena A, Dutta U, Shah J, Sharma V, Prasad KK, Shivaprakash RM, Mandavdhare HS, Samanta J, Sharma P, Popli P, Sharma AK, Sinha SK, Chakrabarti A, Kochhar R

Published Sep 2021, in the Journla of clinical gastroenterology

Endoscopic evaluation after surgery in inflammatory bowel disease - Authors' reply

Shen B, Bortlik M, Bruining DH, Coelho-Prabhu N, El-Hachem S, Farraye FA, Iacucci M, Kobayashi T, Kochhar GS, Kotze PG, Lama YG, Levy AN, Liu X, Mao R, Navaneethan U, Schwartz DA, Shergill A, Sood A, Suárez BG

Published Sep 2021, in the lancet. Gastroenterology & hepatology

Comparison of Interferon-Gamma Release Assay and Tuberculin Skin Test for the Screening of Latent Tuberculosis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: Indian Scenario

Mantri AK, Meena P, Puri AS, Kumar A, Sachdeva S, Srivastava S, Arivarasan K, Varakanahali S.

Published Jan 2021, in the Tuberculosis research and treatment.

Efficacy of Vitamin B6 Supplementation on Inflammatory Markers, Serum Homocysteine level, Fecal Calprotectin and Clinical Outcomes among Patients with Ulcerative Colitis: A Randomized Double Blind Clinical Trial

Pezhman Alavinejad, Seyed Ali Mard, Fatemeh Panahandeh, Saeed Hesam, Seyed Jalal Hashemi, Mehrnaz Morvaridi, Sanaz Taherpour

Published Jun 2020, in the Afro-Egyptian journal of infectious and endemic Diseases

Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography in comparison with colonoscopy for diagnosing of ulcerative colitis

Eskandar Hajiani, Mohammad Momen Gharibvand, Pezhman Alavinejad, Elena Lak, Masoumeh Khedri

Published 2020, in the Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research.