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Key articles from high impact journals in last month

May 2021

Rates of Postoperative Recurrence of Crohn's Disease and Effects of Immunosuppressive and Biologic Therapies

Rivière P, Vermeire S, Irles-Depe M, Van Assche G, Rutgeerts P, Denost Q, Wolthuis A, D'Hoore A, Laharie D, Ferrante M

Published Apr 2021, in Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology

Ultrasonography Tight Control and Monitoring in Crohn's Disease During Different Biological Therapies: A Multicenter Study

Emma Calabrese, Antonio Rispo, Francesca Zorzi, Elena De Cristofaro, etal.,

Published Mar 2021, in Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology

Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes After Fetal Exposure to Biologics and Thiopurines Among Women With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mahadevan U, Long MD, Kane SV, Roy A, Dubinsky MC, Sands BE, Cohen RD, Chambers CD, Sandborn WJ; Crohn’s Colitis Foundation Clinical Research Alliance

Published Mar 2021, in Gastroenterology

Endoscopic evaluation of surgically altered bowel in inflammatory bowel disease: a consensus guideline from the Global Interventional Inflammatory Bowel Disease Group

Shen B, Kochhar GS, Navaneethan U, Cross RK, Farraye FA, Iacucci M, Schwartz DA, Gonzalez-Lama Y, Schairer J, Kiran RP, Kotze PG, Kobayashi T, Bortlik M, Liu X, Levy AN, González Suárez B, Tang SJ, Coelho-Prabhu N, Lukas M, Bruining DH, El-Hachem S, Charles RJ, Chen Y, Sood A, Mao R, Loras C, Dulai PS, Picoraro JA, Chiorean M, Lukas M, Shergill A, Silverberg MS, Sandborn WJ, Bernstein CN

Published Apr 2021, in The lancet. Gastroenterology & hepatology

Could Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treated With Immunomodulators or Biologics Be at Lower Risk for Severe Forms of COVID-19?

Fabio Salvatore Macaluso and Ambrogio Orlando

Published Apr 2021, in Gastroenterology

Anti-inflammatory diet and inflammatory bowel disease: what clinicians and patients should know?

Nor Hamizah Shafiee, Zahara Abdul Manaf, Norfilza M Mokhtar, Raja Affendi Raja Ali

Published Apr 2021, in Intestinal research.

De-escalation of immunomodulator and biological therapy in inflammatory bowel disease

Thomas P Chapman, Catarina Frias Gomes, Edouard Louis, Jean-Frédéric Colombel, Jack Satsangi

Published Jan 2020, in The lancet. Gastroenterology & hepatology

Impact of intestinal ultrasound on the management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease: how to apply scientific evidence to clinical practice

Mirella Fraquelli, Fabiana Castiglione, Emma Calabrese, Giovanni Maconi

Published Jan 2020, in Digestive and liver disease