IBD Journal Scan

Key articles from high impact journals in last month

September 2020

Two-third of IBD patients relapse within 1 year of Vedolizumab discontinuation and re-treatment is effective in two-third of patients

Aurelien Amiot et al., published 05 June 2019 in the Journal of Crohn's Colitis

Combination of NUDT15 genotyping and 6-thioguinine levelscan better predict leucopenia in NUDT15 intermediate metobolizers

Kang B et al., published 29 June 2020 in the Alimentary pharmacology and Therapeutics

In postoperative Crohn’s disease, an endoscopic score incorporating disease activity in anastomotic site as well as neo-terminal ileum can better predict recurrence

Hammoudi N., et al., published July 2020 in the The American Journal of Gastroenterology

In case of immune-mediated loss of response to a first anti-TNF, azathioprine should be used in combination with the second anti-TNF

Roblin X., et al., published July 2020 in the GUT

Induction of deep remission at 1 year in early, biologic naive Crohn’s disease protects against disease progression regardless of tight disease control or conventional management

Ungaro RC., et al., published July 2020 in the GASTROENTEROLOGY