Papers from the IBDENC Region

Key articles from high impact journals in last month

August 2021

Adjuvant use of combination of antibiotics in acute severe ulcerative colitis: A placebo controlled randomized trial

Mishra S, Mandavdhare HS, Singh H, Choudhury A, Shah J, Ram S, Kalsi D, Samanta J, Prasad KK, Sharma AK, Dutta U, Sharma 

Published Jul 2021, in the

Anti-inflammatory diet and inflammatory bowel disease: what clinicians and patients should know?

Shafiee NH, Manaf ZA, Mokhtar NM, 

Published Apr 2021, in the Intestinal research

Maintaining infliximab induced clinical remission with azathioprine and 5-aminosalicylates in acute severe steroid-refractory ulcerative colitis has lower cost and high efficacy (MIRACLE): a multicenter study

Mahajan R, Singh A, Kedia S, Kaur K, , Sahu P, Mehta V, Singh D, Bansal N, Dharni K, Kaushal S, Ahuja V, Sood A

Published Feb 2021, in the Intestinal research

Exclusive enteral nutrition is effective and feasible as primary induction and re-induction therapy in Asian children with Crohn's disease

Chan KJ, Song ZL, Chew KS, Ng RT, Mohd Taib SH, 

Published Feb 2021, in the Journal of paediatrics and child health

The effects of extra virgin olive oil and canola oil on inflammatory markers and gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with ulcerative colitis

Morvaridi M, Jafarirad S, Seyedian SS, , Cheraghian B.

Published Jun 2020, in the European journal of clinical nutrition

Transethnic analysis of the human leukocyte antigen region for ulcerative colitis reveals not only shared but also ethnicity-specific disease associations

Degenhardt F, Mayr G, Wendorff M, Boucher G, Ellinghaus E, Ellinghaus D, ElAbd H, Rosati E, Hübenthal M, Juzenas S, Abedian S, Vahedi H, Thelma BK, Yang SK, Ye BD, Cheon JH, Datta LW, Daryani NE, Ellul P, Esaki M, Fuyuno Y, McGovern DPB, Haritunians T, Hong M, Juyal G, Jung ES, Kubo M, Kugathasan S, Lenz TL, Leslie S, , Midha V, Motyer A, Ng SC, Okou DT, Raychaudhuri S, Schembri J, Schreiber S, Song K, Sood A, Takahashi A, Torres EA, Umeno J, Alizadeh BZ, Weersma RK, Wong SH, Yamazaki K, Karlsen TH, Rioux JD, Brant SR; MAAIS Recruitment Center, Franke A; International IBD Genetics Consortium.

Published Apr 2021, in the Human molecular genetics